Technically the glass is always full.. Choices.

Everything we do in life is about choices. The choices we make define us, they mould us daily. They are moulding us right now. Every decision we’ve made up to this point has played an important part, in making us the people we are today.

I look back over my life and I can see so many wrong decisions, they had me turning left. I now see so clearly where I went wrong. I see how I could have changed the outcomes.

When you let life have its way with you you’re like a leaf, being blown wherever the wind feels to take it. Being a leaf you just go with it getting blown around, battered and trodden on.

At will to the elements of this world the majority of society spend living their lives.
Eyes open see clearly life for what it really is.
See all the possibilities, life does not have to be what only our eyes can see.
No blurred vision..I see, I’m understanding, I’m learning.
I have a choice in every single thing I do. 

Who directs my life?
I and I only, no other. 

I am the commander. 

It’s all about making the right decisions in life. If we all took a few seconds longer to think before we speak, we’d find this so much easier to do I think.
Why should we let life just have its way with us? We all have the choice to choose how to respond to the wind, the things life throw at us.
The decision lies with us.

Take control
Learning to take control of your mind is not as simple as it sounds. Some of us have spent our whole life thinking in such dark negative ways. These ways form negative characteristics which bring out all the poor decisions we make.

Thinking positively always can transform every aspect of your life. Positive thinking will eventually lead to positive choices and positive outcomes.

Align yourself with all that is good for you. Join the positive energy movement, we have a chance to change the world by passing this knowledge on to the next generation. Imagine a world where negativity doesnt exist.

Negativity brings nothing of value into our lives, so let’s all do ourselves a favour and drop it.

Positivity can only produce positive results.

We all have a choice. Make the decision today.. always think positively & always see the best in every situation.

Technically the glass is always full..

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