Your biggest fan.. Release.

The one person you truly have to rely on is yourself. The truth is, everyone has their own struggles and lives to deal with. Friends and family can only be expected to do so much for each other. They can not provide the type of support a partner could, and to be honest I don’t think they should. When you do settle down things could get slightly weird.

If your single like myself, you need to accept and understand that you have to make yourself a priority in your own life. You have to be your everything, from your biggest fan to carer. This way you’ll avoid any disappointment which no doubtly will occur, if your expecting things from those you have no right really expecting things from.

I’m only human. I’m still learning, I still have the odd moment. It still gets to me sometimes, being in pain constantly it never letting up not even to allow you to sleep. It’s steals your appetite and drains you mentally.

Yes I am really positive; I can see the finish line now. I’m so grateful, It’s finally going to be fixed soon, but does that mean I’m not allowed to feel the pain. Sometimes I just need a moment to vent the pain out. Last night I had no words, two silent tears followed by grunts of frustration.

  • See yourself through
  • Find strength in your weakness
  •  All you need is within

This was me having a moment.. This keeps me authentic.

This is me Releasing.. This keeps me sane..

They’re getting shorter and shorter every time.. I believe in my process.

Moment over.

We all have our processes.. do what works for you.

..Breathe Think Write Release


4 thoughts on “Your biggest fan.. Release.

  1. Ah – one of the greatest lessons in life. Happiness is an inside job. You cannot put it into anyone’s hands. Just doesn’t work that way!

    Loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

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