The fight goes on!!

After having five surgeries on the same shoulder over the course of just under 5 years I’ll be honest you start to loose faith, you start to loose belief that there will be an end to the journey. You start seeing brick walls instead of a road ahead. With set back after set back you … Continue reading The fight goes on!!

The Road To Recovery. Dear All..

It 3:10am and all I can think about is the pain so I've decided to write. I've decided to release to regain my focus. This is an open letter to my fellow post-op buddies. A letter to myself.. Dear All.. Today was a hard day, mentally I felt so defeated. I've vowed to myself I … Continue reading The Road To Recovery. Dear All..

Shoulder Update

I thought it was about time I wrote an update on my shoulder situation. For those of you who don't really know what has been going on I'll give you a brief history overview first. History Multiple Shoulder dislocations 2013-2014 Back and forth with the hospital trying to make them see that there was something seriously … Continue reading Shoulder Update

The System

It's the waiting that gets to me, a system bursting at the seams. A system being abused, a system being overworked, a system being underpaid. The consequence, a caring careless system. I understand the system, the system supports me. I support the system but the system has abused me. The system.. Breathe Think Write Release

Your biggest fan.. Release.

The one person you truly have to rely on is yourself. The truth is, everyone has their own struggles and lives to deal with. Friends and family can only be expected to do so much for each other. They can not provide the type of support a partner could, and to be honest I don't … Continue reading Your biggest fan.. Release.