The fight goes on!!

After having five surgeries on the same shoulder over the course of just under 5 years I’ll be honest you start to loose faith, you start to loose belief that there will be an end to the journey. You start seeing brick walls instead of a road ahead. With set back after set back you start to give up, you start to give in to your current reality.

The thing is I know I can’t loose hope, if I have only 1% of faith left I have to hold on to it with two hands like my life depends on it because the moment it is all gone, is the beginning of the end.

First of all the battle begins in the mind, before the physical improvements can be seen I have to win the mental battle.

I affirm that I refuse to give up. I will fight until I have no fight left, I will fight until the air from my lungs have escaped me. I vow I will never stop fighting.

I have to continue to believe that one day all these shoulder problems will stop. A time will come when I will look back and smile at how far I’ve come. Dwelling in self pity has no place in my life, only I can overcome this hurdle.

With self will and faith in the supreme powers that govern my life I will overcome this.

This set back will not change my mindset, I will look at it from a different angle drawing the positives from the situation. At the end of the day everything is energy, only I can vibrate higher bringing my energy to a place where pain has no place and injuries no longer play a part in my life.

We all have our cross to bear and this is mine, we have to remember we are never given anything we can’t handle. We can never give up no matter how hard it may seem or how far away we perceive the end to be.

Without taking away from our own situations just take a moment to think about all those people facing bigger problems, sometimes we have to put life into perspective because it could always be worse.

-Dionne MT-

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