The fight goes on!!

After having five surgeries on the same shoulder over the course of just under 5 years I’ll be honest you start to loose faith, you start to loose belief that there will be an end to the journey. You start seeing brick walls instead of a road ahead. With set back after set back you … Continue reading The fight goes on!!

My Shoulder Journey Continues..

When your spine is no longer straight and your shoulder bones are trying to escape out your back all you can do is stay positive and be patient. Here's goes my long awaited shoulder update. So I've put of writing this update for so long for a number of reasons. Firstly my mind wasn't in … Continue reading My Shoulder Journey Continues..

The power of positive thinking: Surgery Next Week!!!

I'm so happy right now I can barely contain myself. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. As most of you know I've been waiting to have surgery on my shoulder for a little while now. Yesterday I posted a Shoulder update. I was originally given a surgery date for the end of March and … Continue reading The power of positive thinking: Surgery Next Week!!!

Shoulder Update

I thought it was about time I wrote an update on my shoulder situation. For those of you who don't really know what has been going on I'll give you a brief history overview first. History Multiple Shoulder dislocations 2013-2014 Back and forth with the hospital trying to make them see that there was something seriously … Continue reading Shoulder Update