The fight goes on!!

After having five surgeries on the same shoulder over the course of just under 5 years I’ll be honest you start to loose faith, you start to loose belief that there will be an end to the journey. You start seeing brick walls instead of a road ahead. With set back after set back you … Continue reading The fight goes on!!

Shoulder Update

I thought it was about time I wrote an update on my shoulder situation. For those of you who don't really know what has been going on I'll give you a brief history overview first. History Multiple Shoulder dislocations 2013-2014 Back and forth with the hospital trying to make them see that there was something seriously … Continue reading Shoulder Update

The System

It's the waiting that gets to me, a system bursting at the seams. A system being abused, a system being overworked, a system being underpaid. The consequence, a caring careless system. I understand the system, the system supports me. I support the system but the system has abused me. The system.. Breathe Think Write Release