Check in

To become more conscious is to become more aware of your emotions and thoughts. We can overthink this statement by thinking it’s complicated and we have to have special skills to become more aware but the truth is you don’t. We all can become more aware and it’s quite simple to get started. Check in … Continue reading Check in

What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Recently I’ve been at a little crossroad trying to figure a few things out, this morning I sat here trying to justify why I was making such bad decisions and I just started laughing to myself because firstly I sounded like a scratched record “I’ll do it tomorrow” and secondly I just thought wow D … Continue reading What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Passing Thoughts: Choices, Hopes & Fear

I stumbled upon this quote a few days ago and at the time I copied it into my notes without giving it much thought. It just hit me. Looking back at some of the choices I've made in my life, I can honestly say the decisions I've made were based on fear. I chose to … Continue reading Passing Thoughts: Choices, Hopes & Fear

We fall, we trip, we stumble

  Regain focus get your priorities in check Its your life to live or it's your life to wreck Life is what you make it Many fake it until they break it So many living a lie They've given up, they no longer try The lies we tell ourselves, yeah I'm ok yeah I'm fine … Continue reading We fall, we trip, we stumble

Technically the glass is always full.. Choices.

Everything we do in life is about choices. The choices we make define us, they mould us daily. They are moulding us right now. Every decision we've made up to this point has played an important part, in making us the people we are today. I look back over my life and I can see … Continue reading Technically the glass is always full.. Choices.