the quieter you become the more you can heat
Sometimes we need to take a moment to ourselves to be silent. It’s in this silence where we find our clarity. Being someone who is always on the go at times it can all become so overwhelming. The constant thoughts the constant expelling of energy leaves me feeling exhausted. I take a moment to be still, be it a hot bath or simply sitting in silence. During this time we converse with ourselves to regain a clear way of thinking. When things build up it can be hard to think straight, causing us to feel even more stressed.

I ask myself this question, why do we leave things until the last moment before we act? Why is it things have to turn left before we decide we actually want to go right? Everyday we should try and make some time for ourselves, we should take a moment to focus on ourselves so we don’t get to that point of feeling consumed by life and all it throws at us.

Throughout the day so much can happen, we brush them under the carpet until they’re eventually spilling out. Some of us are very good at hiding things, we hide our struggles from those around us causing us even more stress and confusion. There’s a difference between isolation and being silent. Being like this can be quite toxic, I liken it to a pressure cooking brimming at the top ready to explode. The slightest thing can tip you over the edge. The thing is it’s usually the smallest things that will make you blow. We then beat ourselves up for being so reactive.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves, most of us have been there in some shape or form. Recognise your reaction is more than likely an accumulation of things which you have allowed to build up. We have to learn how to tune into our emotions, knowledge of self is the difference between someone who allows things to build up and the person who responds to things in away to benefit them in the long run. In these moments of silence we develop a greater understanding of self.

Even if it’s five minutes a day, we have to make time to work through our day. Holding on to things does not benefit us in anyway. 

Let’s not wait until we’re forced to act. Let’s just act. Our mental well being is so important but unlike our physical health we don’t do much to ensure we have a healthy mind. As the body needs rest and nutrients to keep it going does the mind not deserve this same amount of care and attention? 

I’ve gone through a period where I was constantly meditating and making a conscious effort to be aware of my thoughts and feelings. I’m guilty of becoming complacent, you can not just stop taking care of your mind one day and expect it to still be as efficient. 

It is in the silence where you find the answers you are looking for..

-Dionne MT-

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6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Perfect, spot on post. People rarely value silence and being still and instead define it as time wasted. That is so far from the truth!

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