What type of person are you?! Life is about choices..

Recently I’ve been at a little crossroad trying to figure a few things out, this morning I sat here trying to justify why I was making such bad decisions and I just started laughing to myself because firstly I sounded like a scratched record “I’ll do it tomorrow” and secondly I just thought wow D you’ll come up with any excuse, is it really that important to me?

I believe that we all have these defining moments in our life where the choice that we make has the potential to have a massive impact on our life. We have many of these defining moments throughout our life starting back from as young as we can remember the difference between then and now should not only be age but experience. If you can constructively reflect back on your life, and analyse these moments from a place of growth and learning you use your past to empower the decisions you make now.

The thing about choices is that when you’re faced with a hard one, even your reasoning whilst trying to make that decision can make you question yourself because when you really boil it down, a choice comes down to what really matters to you, what’s important to you. Sometimes our answer isn’t what we always want to hear but the thing is you can’t lie to yourself, you can pretend or present a image to those around you but you can never hide from what stares back at you in the mirror.

Our lies until we face them we can never overcome them, our truths until we face them we can never truly embrace them -Dionne MT

That’s the thing about choices, they force you to take action meaning you can no longer hide who you are, your actions are there for all to be see and discuss.

What type of person are you, are you someone who try’s not to catch the glance of a homeless man as you walk past at the station, or someone who says it me not you when trying to let someone go, or are you that someone who’s spiteful, unfaithful and unloyal. Do you sit and gossip or sit whilst they gossip, do you spread lies are you jealous or are you loving and kind. What type of person are you? Life is all about choices.

We can all choose the type of person we want to be, the person we are is not confined to what others want us to be. We are raised by our parents we go through the education systems and then most go to work. A point comes when you must realise you have free will and always have had free will to make decisions based on yourself alone, not preconceived ideas or expectations.

If you want to be a nice person you can be there is no situation in your life that is forcing you to consciously make the decision to be the way you, everything is a choice. Sometimes people need a little help being who they want to be and that’s ok but again they have to make the choice and for the right reasons. There are people who are painted to be a certain way maybe because they’ve come from a certain background which has been stereotyped in a negative light, they themselves believe this and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Who you are is not dictated to you by your background or circumstances but by who you define yourself to be. Life is about choices choose who you are, don’t let life choose for you. The moment you step out of the driver seat and are no longer directing your life and commanding positive reinforcement about yourself this world will take you on a rollercoaster, it will do as it pleases with you without a care in the world, you’ll become a pawn offered to slaughter.

Nothing in life happens by coincidence, be strategic orchestrate your own life. When life hits you with a defining moment, you have a choice. Ask yourself what’s important to you? What type of person are you?

-Dionne MT-

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