Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Consequences

Everything in life is a choice, there’s nothing anyone can make you do without you yourself making that executive decision. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and we question how did we get into this predicament, what went wrong, why am I here. Somewhere along the line we made a decision that brought us to this exact moment in our life, sometimes we struggle to see the choice or we place blame on others.

We can’t blame another for our current situation when they only have control over their fate the way you have over yours. They make choices to impact their life and you make choices for yours. You could have made a choice a year ago and only now you’re facing the consequences. 

Where we go wrong a lot of the time is that we are always looking to blame someone else for our current situation, we never want to look in the mirror and analyse ourselves. It takes strength to admit ok I’m in this position because I did or didn’t do this because of a choice I myself made. 

Accepting your role allows you to stop being angry and reflect on why you did that, or how you could have done things differently allowing yourself to grow from the situation. Instead of allowing it to become a negative we empower ourselves by reflecting on our choices. This allows us to accept our current situation giving us insight into what we can do to change it, if it’s not a situation we are happy with. 

We are only responsible for our actions, we can not control what other people do. We all have a choice in life, our present is a representation of these choices.  

-Dionne MT-

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