High Voltage Thought Processing..

There are moments when my mind feels like it’s been nullified 
Like a computer trying to load with its circuit boards fried
Is that because I’m trying to separate the truth from the lies
Or is it because I’m trying to find answers to my whys

Trying to live in the space between thinker and observer
Outside looking in my conscious level is the observer

Don’t come any closer, step forward at your own risk 
High voltage thought processing, trying to understand not just get the gist
A complete mind shift, repatterining balancing energies
Staring out to a void space changing frequencies  

Inhaling the present try to raise your vibrations daily
Once you become aware you can not look back and live truthly 

Observing the thinker taking full control
Mind control, seeking moments of complete stillness 
Total awareness 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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