So many spend time trying to show the world what’s wrong with other people, they expend energy trying to highlight their faults and mistakes. Until we ourselves become perfect who are we to judge and talk about others, who are we to say what someone else should or shouldn’t do. We are all human. Instead … Continue reading Holier-than-thou

In The A.M

Late night deep thoughts stubbornness in the flesh Wounds cut deep blood stained sheets Frozen tear ducts 1am venting Soaked tissues 2am grieving  3am healing perplexed by feelings Fasicinated jaws drop eyes barely open  Street lights flicker no expectations Heavy eyes dark shadows hiding in the grey Pulled back and fourth twisted plots mind affray  … Continue reading In The A.M

Afternoon Musings: Be True To Yourself

It may take us a while to get there but in the end all we can do is be true to ourselves. Sometimes our own truths hurt and it's hard to admit that maybe we've been lying to ourselves or not living our truth the way we should be.. to the fullest with overflowing joy … Continue reading Afternoon Musings: Be True To Yourself

Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Consequences

Everything in life is a choice, there's nothing anyone can make you do without you yourself making that executive decision.  Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and we question how did we get into this predicament, what went wrong, why am I here. Somewhere along the line we made a decision that brought us to … Continue reading Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Consequences