Logic vs Emotion

logically thinking
Why do we find it so hard to control our emotions at times? Emotions can be so destructive, temporary feelings. Why do we give them so much power, we give them the power to control our behaviour. Why do we do this if these feelings are only temporary?

Logically thinking is the best way to be, but we struggle to think logically when we allow our emotions to take centre stage. Logic deals with facts whereas emotional thinking is usually based on assumption. There’s no reasoning with emotions.

An emotional person can not see clearly, they can not think clearly. They do not assess the facts. If only we could all become more logic based.

Dealing with situations from a place of raw emotion is never going to be a good thing, actions can not be reversed once played out. The emotion will die and logic will set in but those actions can not be undone. Forever feeling the fool you’ll be, because logically thinking you’ll see a better response, you’ll see situations for what they are.

Logically thinking vs emotional thinking. Logic wins.

Take time, we can not let our emotions run wild all the time.

Take time, negative thinking will only bring you negative results. We can not be so emotional all the time, logic does not stand a chance whilst emotions are in the driving seat.

Take time, let logic take the steering wheel. Filter through all the useless information and simply deal with facts.

Most things are an acquired skill and that’s goes for handling your emotions. Life is a learning curve, learning never stops.

-Dionne MT-

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