It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

I remember a time when I never use to show emotions or cry, I’d hold everything in because I thought it made me look weak. That’s when I had a fake image to uphold, okay that’s a bit harsh saying fake more like a misguided image. An image I’d created based on an idea of … Continue reading It’s okay to cry.. sometimes

Anger & Rage

A man who does not get angry is a dangerous man. It is impossible to never feel anger, to never get angry is to suppress the emotion. Bottling things inside only ever leads to one outcome.. an explosion as the bottle can no longer take the pressure. I understand now, the key is not about … Continue reading Anger & Rage

Logic vs Emotion

Why do we find it so hard to control our emotions at times? Emotions can be so destructive, temporary feelings. Why do we give them so much power, we give them the power to control our behaviour. Why do we do this if these feelings are only temporary? Logically thinking is the best way to … Continue reading Logic vs Emotion