Real Friends

family become friends and friends become family
Be careful of the friend who calls you brother or sister but treats you like a stranger the moment you mess up.

We shouldn’t throw words around unless we mean them. My friends who I class as family are just that.. My family regardless of how their shit smells. I will be there to help pick up the pieces they brake. I will be there to tell them the truth when no one else will. I will be there to wipe their tears. I will be there to say well done. I will be there regardless. If you can not handle someone at their worst do you deserve them at there best? You can not pick and choose the parts you like.

Sometimes it’s better to have a few real friends than a bunch of fake friends. Fake friends will only stick around when you have something to offer, something that will benefit them. They are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. Real friends could care less if you had a penny in your pocket or drove a flash car. They are invested in you as a person. When you win they win.

Understand this. Remove the weeds and watch your garden flourish.

To all my real friends.. I’ve got you the same way you all have me.

Love Love

-Dionne MT-

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