There is hope..

We got a few folks still living a lie, believing the lie.They lie about who they are, they lie about what they stand for.

The realest stand up and tell the truth, the realest will take what comes next. Regardless.

Stand up. We must face up to our problems. I spent years running from mine, pretending there was no issue.. Always blaming someone else, always finding an excuse.. Sounds familiar right. It isn’t cool, to be honest it’s not that funny either.. people get hurt.

If you don’t face your problems life will find away of making you, believe me talking from experience, it will not be pretty. Until we accept our own faults how dare we side eye another. How dare we judge. How dare we open our mouth. What could you of all people really say. Deep down inside you know you have no right.

Instead of adding fire to the fuel by judging, we should be encouraging each other to change for the be the best version of themselves. Instead some pull others down, gossiping about people instead of offering support and wishing them well. These people are blinded. Blinded by massive egos, selfish people. It’s the takers of the world, the soul destroyers. They’re dark and they don’t even know it. Is it even their fault?

There is hope, that’s the good news. There is hope in the world, anyone can change. We all have the power, the moment you gain control of your mind you take control of your life, instead of being at will to all the negativity we’re surrounded by.

The moment you start living a positive life, change your mindset, resonate peace and love from your being. You can be, you can do whatever you want. You can be happy everyday for no reason if you like. You can be a nice person, you don’t have to be that moody friend, that friend always in drama.

Become aware, what are you thinking? Are you angry? Are you sad? Why, ask yourself why? What are you feeding your mind, its so important. If your sitting on unresolved issues you shouldn’t be surprised if your life’s a little messy. Deal with them, they will not go away and they’re probably ruining your life right now.. maybe you know it maybe you don’t.

Feed your mind nothing but positivity. Hate, jealousy, greed all of that juicy stuff. It serves no purpose in your life. Remove it and see your life change instantly.. It’s that simple.

Remove all limitations from your mind.

All things are possible.


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