Look Your Mistakes In The Eye! Don’t be afraid..

I’ve made quite a few mistakes along this journey. Going back as far as I can remember; up until this year I can honestly say it has been plagued with mistakes, mishaps and a lot of poor judgement.

If I could change anything, would I erase the mistakes I’ve made? 
Knowing what I know now as a result of those mistakes.. No, I probably wouldn’t. If I could learn the same lessons I have learnt, without hurting the individuals who have got hurt along the way, then that is what I would do.

The thing is once a mistake has been made, there is no magic clock to go back and erase it. We must deal with the backlash.. whatever it may be.

So many of us are trapped in a cycle where we make a mistake, we feel shame, we deny it and then we consequently make the same mistake again.

Don’t be afraid to face up to your mistakes, they are part of your journey, they have aided you in becoming the person you are today. Be it good or bad depending on what you did next.

Don’t be ashamed, you can’t move on and learn from your mistakes if you are hiding behind shame.

Mistakes are there to be made, it’s how you respond to them that counts. 

It’s only when you truly accept your mistakes, that you can start to understand why you made it in the first place. It is only then you can reflect, let go and move on with understanding. It is only then you break the cycle and free yourself. 

This is another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The Puzzle of life. True happiness.

Reflect, learn, move on and be happy. 


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