You’re Stronger Than You Realise..

we're braver than we knw and stonger than we think

We’ve all jumped hurdles we never thought we’d ever have to jump. We’ve scratched a few knees along the way but we made it to the finish line. 

Some have seen with their eyes, things they should have never seen. Experienced things they should have never felt, and still they rise.

There have been times when we all probably felt like quitting, but if you’re still standing today remind yourself that you never gave up.

Draw on your past experiences to remind yourself how strong you really are. Look how far you’ve come.

Hard times build character. 

Deaths, heartache and pain. Most have experienced all of these , but still we stand. 

We’re all stronger than we realise.

Give yourself the credit you deserve.

If we can find strength to overcome obstacles during our weakest moments.. Then just imagine what we could do in our strongest.
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