Mistakes, Mindset & Growth

It is only when we change our mindset that we achieve true personal growth. It’s very easy to talk the talk but if our talk doesn’t translate into tangible actions, our talk is worthless. If you still respond to situations the same way you did ten, five even one year ago can you really say … Continue reading Mistakes, Mindset & Growth

Win Learn Win Learn… Mindset is everything

Reflection and hindsight  It was an emotional emotionless trip  All aboard set sail  Embracing the moments  Everything is temporary  Coffins and tokens Appreciation commiserations  Win learn win learn  Hearts in hands, bombs drop tables turn Ego ego ego Not everyone is out for themselves  Love thy enemy and thy neighbour Wish no harm on your … Continue reading Win Learn Win Learn… Mindset is everything

There is hope..

We got a few folks still living a lie, believing the lie.They lie about who they are, they lie about what they stand for. The realest stand up and tell the truth, the realest will take what comes next. Regardless. Stand up. We must face up to our problems. I spent years running from mine, … Continue reading There is hope..