Mistakes, Mindset & Growth

It is only when we change our mindset that we achieve true personal growth. It’s very easy to talk the talk but if our talk doesn’t translate into tangible actions, our talk is worthless.

If you still respond to situations the same way you did ten, five even one year ago can you really say you’ve grown?

If we can’t use our past experiences to prevent the same mistakes from happening now and in the future, we’re simply existing in a world which we will one day depart never truly reaching our full potential.

We have to understand that maturity has nothing to do with age. For me It’s learning from the past, its life experiences, it’s becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I speak as someone who has made numerous mistakes in my life, some small and some which you wouldn’t even imagine. Instead of sitting in my mistakes and dwelling on the fact I made them, I analysed them, I’m constantly using them to transform myself into a version of myself I’m proud of.

Our mistakes can not be in vain, all the hurt you may have caused or experienced can not be for nothing.

I ask the question again, can you really say you have grown? Only you will know the answer, only you can answer this truthfully. Growth is personal, it shouldn’t be done for anyone other than yourself.

We’re all human, we’re all going to make mistakes at some point in our life.. instead of allowing them to define you allow them to transform you for the better.

Learn from your mistakes

-Dionne MT-

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