The reasoning is everything

This year when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas, instead of responding with the usual money! Which is of course inadvertently spent on your typical Christmas season, turn ups, takeaways and family gatherings. This year I said do you know what mum, let me get back to you.

Every year people feel obliged to buy you a gift or buy gifts, because it’s just what we do, it’s how our brains have been conditioned.We feel bad if we don’t so we end up buying some pointless gift, because you know “its the thought that counts”. Lets be honest it wasn’t the thought, because I’m pretty sure the only thought that was going through your head was, I don’t want to be the only one, I don’t want to seem broke. I feel I’m too aware to follow these traditions so blindly now. It’s not even about the money; by this I mean if in my heart I know I’m only buying the gift because I feel I have to, then that’s a gift I will not be buying. When you buy a gift you should feel joy and happiness, at the expectation of the joy it will bring the recipient. When I buy gifts for the little ones in my life, it brings me so much happiness. Seeing the look on their little faces I feel content, it’s done in love. If you don’t get that feeling and its more of a chore, your doing yourself more harm than good. Sit back and watch the resent grow. Is that really anyway to live life.

Be happy in whatever your doing, or you simply shouldn’t be doing it.

So thinking back to my, what do i want for Christmas dilemma. I decided I was going to think about something I actually needed. We’ve all received or given some silly soap set at some point, no disrespect to the giver but save your money I know you love me. Those are your typical.. I have to get them something gifts. We’re past that point now, Only children are allowed to give those gifts. They still have their innocence and rightly so.

I’ve decided I would like a nice winter coat, *insert fist pump here*. Winter coats have always been my issue, when its time to look for one I always see so many I like, all of which i could make a valid case for purchasing; different looks, different occasions, i’m sure you can relate to this drama. The Point is winter coats do not come cheap, maybe I have expensive taste but that’s not the issue, even the cheap ones are far from cheap. From this year and every Christmas to come, Mother i would like a winter coat. Thank you.

This Christmas think about it.

What do you need. Give with joy in your heart.



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