“I can’t believe you still live at home”

Sometimes we have to put things into perspective. We can’t judge our achievements according to the achievements of others.

Someone said to me the other day “I can’t believe you still live at home with your mum” and I just laughed because I thought to myself life really is all about perspective. I could have shut them down instantly and made them feel silly but I thought to myself what exactly would that achieve. Facts are facts, me explaining myself would not take away from my truths.

As a society most of us have got our priorities all wrong. Yes I live at home with my mother but this is a house I own and pay a mortgage on but even still, so what if I didn’t own my house and I was simply living at home with my mum. Would that not be a smart thing to do in this current climate of extortionate rent prices. Some would rather spend all their wages renting privately just so they can say, look at me I’ve got my own place or because they feel by a certain age this is something they should be doing.

Life isn’t a competition. This imaginary life timeline that everyone feels they have to adhere to is not real.

Tell me this, unless you are earning enough to pay your rent, live a comfortable life and still save so you can one day get a place of your own what is it your really doing? All your doing is falling into the private renting trap where most end up staying. Private renting is expensive, many end up renting rooms in homes of people like myself. That rent money is lost forever.

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My personal opinion is if you have a good relationship with your parents then stay at home until you’ve saved enough money to get a mortgage on your own place or part buy part rent. Its a no brainier if you ask me. There are loads of first time buyers saving schemes and saving accounts, that would be the smart thing to do.

I know so many people who tell me if there parents were alive or in this country they would move home in a flash. People move out and they forget about the extras, all those things you don’t see your parent paying like the water bill, council tax, that WiFi that you so casually use comes at a cost, it’s not just rent and food you’ll have to worry about.

These day we’re to busy worrying about what other think or trying to paint a image to match those we see, not knowing if this image is real or not. Social media will have you thinking people are living like Kings and Queens when truth be told they have no assets, all they have is these material things you see which loose value the moment they are worn or used.

No one knows what anyone has done to get where they are in life, so instead of comparing ourselves to others and worrying about who still lives at home or who doesn’t have a car we should be focusing on ourselves.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with renting privately, if that’s what you want to do then that’s your decision but there is also nothing wrong with still living at home.

Everyone’s priorities are different and that’s okay.

-Dionne MT-

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One thought on ““I can’t believe you still live at home”

  1. I agree with you. Traditionally, we would live at home until we found a spouse and started our own families. Some even lived in a large enough home to hold 3-4 generations; I think it’s a beautiful thing if you can all get along (at least most of the time) and share household responsibilities.

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