Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..

Everyday we wake is another day we've been blessed with life. Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted like waking up or having a job to go to. There are so many people who would give their right arm to be in the situation we are in, to simply be alive.. a situation we … Continue reading Morning Thoughts: Gratitude changes everything..

What determines YOUR happiness?

Throughout life at some point or another we have all allowed outside influences to control our happiness. The relationship we're in, our friendships, our jobs, our financial status and the list goes on. We give so much power to conditional beings, to conditional things. Your relationship breaks down and it is as your life has … Continue reading What determines YOUR happiness?

Happiness. Real happiness..

Looking through the key hole The door of life, one goal Happiness. Behold the wonders untold riches Once found, big dreams wild wishes True happiness from within Subconsciously aware. You win The winners see, the winners understand Unattached. Our lives, our hands Looking through the key hole Happiness. Ever lasting peace resonates with soul Complete … Continue reading Happiness. Real happiness..