Forgiveness 101

We have to learn how to move on in life.

No matter the situation, no matter the hurt and pain, we have to learn how to move on from it. It is only then that we can begin to heal and stop allowing the past to effect our present.

The thing about the past is that it has a funny way of interfering in our now, it pops up every now and then as to say.. hey look at me, I’m still here, you haven’t dealt with me. Until it has been acknowledged and truly dealt with it will keep doing this.

A lot of the time the problem is we haven’t forgiven ourselves. Even if it wasn’t something you necessarily done wrong, as humans we always somehow seem to find a way to blame ourselves. Ohh I provoked them that’s why I got my faced smashed in, I must be a rubbish partner that’s why I got cheated on.. our self pitying nature can not help itself. Even when you know it’s not true, logic, facts and rationale go out the window.

Be it you being in the wrong or another person, whatever blame we have put on ourselves we have to remove it, we have to forgive ourselves. When we don’t it puts a hold on us where we’re almost living as a shadow of ourselves, punishing ourselves daily be it because of bitterness, be it anger or simply because we do not believe we deserve happiness.

We all do it, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. I believe forgiveness is not about another person but about yourself. A person could forgive you ten times over but if you’re still beating yourself up about a situation it counts for nothing.

When someone has done you wrong, forgive them for your own mental wellbeing and when you have done someone wrong forgive yourself or you will remain trapped in the past with it replaying over and over triggered by the smallest things.

How long will you punish yourself?

Forgive, let go and move on… our futures depend on it.

-Dionne MT-

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Forgive yourself you are worthy

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