Amnesia nightlife

Looking at the empty bottles liver quivering at the sight
Memories serving as testimonies
Real testimonies worthy of felonies

Dark clear multicoloured potions, different shapes different sizes, different disguises
Casting spells playing hoaxes
Making toasts clinking glasses

Amnesia nights, spinning heads and strobe lights
Coma inducing belly turning forgotten fights
What a sight, this used to be a typical Friday night

Binge drinking teens turn to cringe worthy adults
Embarrassed after moments but exhilarating in the moment

Life and souls of the parties, partly destroyed souls partially
Gaping wounds and seeping holes
A point must come when it takes it toil

Aged body parts shattered dreams and broken hearts
Selling dreams dismantling hearts picking brains apart

What’s it all for, was it all worth it
Probably not but you shouldn’t regret it

Life’s for the living, the falling downs the making mistakes, the getting back ups
Life’s for learning not motion zoning, experiencing life not stagnating

They say life’s a learning curve so learn away
With everything there’s a time and place
Sometimes simply a time to stop
Too many nights forgot

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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