Toxic Love

A relationship where you have to walk on eggshells
Tip toeing around problems hop scotching over issues
What’s the issue? No issue, closed mouths silence fills the room

This could never be my life now
This should never be your life ever

Freedom of speech was fought for, not for you to be silenced and shackled in your own home
So many afraid to speak the truth, it’s reckless living loving someone you can’t approach

My view, that’s a relationship with no hope
Thats a relationship hanging on by the ropes

Covered up by deep strokes and whispers of sweet nothings
Promises to give you the world in the future but right now its a living hell
A living nightmare
Knowingly or unknowingly living in fear

Your eyes are wide open so you could call it naive
Looking outside in clinging on, hoping and wishing they magically transform into the person you want them to be

All the while your spark begins to dim with every passing day, every passing problem you refuse to address but still you refuse to reassess the situation, reassess this thing you call life.. your daily strife
No love lost but sometimes you have to take a knife and finally sever the tie

All these suppressed emotions one day they’ll escape
One day you’ll regret not answering yes, yes there’s something wrong, yes I’ve got an issue

Now as your anger explodes and physical emotions implode resulting in catastrophic events
Events you can never undo but all along you knew.. like a pressure cooker it was bubbling inside
The smallest things will tip you over the edge, you start to get lost in the lies

When love turns to hate, there is no escape
Toxic love is something hard to shake

Stay silent never

Let you voice be heard

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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2 thoughts on “Toxic Love

  1. This was a painfully beautiful narrative, the rotting a relationship can go through trying to cling to something that’s no longer going. Truly well written.

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