Head vs Heart

Fighting a feeling, resisting with all your will, practicing self constraint

Your hearts pulling you one way whilst your minds slamming the door in your face

Standing firm in it’s convictions taking control of your head space

Refusing to be taken for a fool this time

It won’t let you, it can’t

Your mind sees what your heart can not

But your heart feels what the mind can not comprehend

It can’t understand how you allow the same bs over and over again

Can’t you see my friend, if you let me I’ll protect you right to the end of time

This time, next time, all of the time, I’ll put you first always

I know what’s right I’ve always known but you choose to ignore what you’ve been shown

What you see with your own eyes you turn a blind eye

You act like you can’t see, your heart refuses to believe

I get it

It wants what it wants even if it’s something it shouldn’t have

Even when we deserve more we hold on to that warm fussy feeling it once gave us or that amazing sun soaked, sex filled getaway we once had

Living on past memories and fleeting feelings whilst present regrets and your ego prevent you from pressing reset

Starting over is an idea you just can’t digest

You see the hearts a stubborn old thing, it’s doesn’t like being told what to do

Never has never will, if only you would work with me

Mind and heart together as one we’d be an unstoppable force an undivided source of energy and life

But instead we stay separated in vision and mission, stuck in this constant fight

Head vs heart

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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