Love with no attachment.. Is this the best type of love one could wish for?

Non attachment love is not about not being connected or not loving each other fully and to the core. For me it’s actually the opposite, it’s knowing that nothing lasts forever and treating that love as if it was the last day. It’s expressing that love everyday, it’s taking nothing for granted. It’s not getting comfortable to the point you become complacent. It’s living in the moment, it’s embracing every single one of those moments with two hands. Its enjoying each other today knowing tomorrow is never guaranteed. It’s not thinking it’s going to end it’s just accepting that the law of the land is that nothing last forever, everything is temporary and if we do make it to the end one day death will separate us. I know it sounds slightly morbid when I put it like that but let’s be honest this is the truth, you may grow old and grey together but that day will eventually come unless by some miraculous chance you both leave this earth at the exact same minute not even being separated by seconds. 

I think love with an understanding and acceptance of this is the best type of love one could ask for. 

Non-attachment love Is the hardest type of love to get to grips with as attachment is what comes naturally to most people, it’s what we know. We’re attached to our jobs, friends, our possessions.. we’re attached to everything down to our negative behaviours and thought processes.

Attachment is one of the reason for so much hurt and pain in the world.

How do you let go of attachment to things
Non-attachment is something that is misunderstood by so many people. When you begin to understand the true meaning of non-attachment you gain a freedom to your life that you never had before, it’s no longer ruled by expectations. We begin to see and accept things  for what they really are rather than what we believe they should be. Non-attachment is living in the now, accepting we can not control everything allowing life to just flow naturally. Non-attachment is a lot of things.. ultimately it’s freedom, freedom to truly love, freedom to really live, freedom to actually be happy.

If we can master this art of non-attachment in all aspects of our life we will all have much more fulfilled lives. Life will be that much easier to get on with when we accept that all things are temporary; emotions, people, material things, everything. 

-Dionne MT-

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