The oceans effect

The oceans waves so wild and rough yet so calm and still I stand staring out into the Mediterranean’s belly, hypnotised by the sound, mesmerised by the waves So calming, so relaxing This sea I can not control In this moment I am still In this moment all is ok I am just a small … Continue reading The oceans effect

We fall, we trip, we stumble

  Regain focus get your priorities in check Its your life to live or it's your life to wreck Life is what you make it Many fake it until they break it So many living a lie They've given up, they no longer try The lies we tell ourselves, yeah I'm ok yeah I'm fine … Continue reading We fall, we trip, we stumble

Losing is not an option.. 

The world has transformed into a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Social media platforms such as Instagram is the reason why so many people think so lowly of themselves. We sit scrolling through photos of individuals we do not know, wishing we had what they had, wishing we looked how they … Continue reading Losing is not an option..