Losing is not an option.. 

The world has transformed into a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Social media platforms such as Instagram is the reason why so many people think so lowly of themselves. We sit scrolling through photos of individuals we do not know, wishing we had what they had, wishing we looked how they looked. These platforms are not always a true representation, edited and filtered we try and mirror these fake images. 

Some live a life where they are in constant competition with those around them. They focus on being better than their friends and family. The sad part is, they will spend their whole life comparing and competing. When you live a life like this the competition will never end. 

You are your only competition.

The moment you realise that your life journey is your individual journey, is the moment you start winning. 

Everyone is different, with different goals and different roles to play in this world. 

The only person you are truly in competition with is yourself. We should be competing with ourselves to become the best us. We should all be winning together to make the world a better place. 
Just imagine how great our worlds would be if instead of competing with each other, we supported each other along our indivdual journeys. We would all reach our full potential.. Just imagine how great that would be.

The way I see it is, we can all win.  

Losing is not an option.

You are your only competition. 

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