My Old Friend.. Insomnia

My old friend insomnia, you come in many forms
Sometimes you deceive me till 2am comes, sometimes till dawn
Then I’m laid out eyes peeled back, imagine I used to think this was the norm

Living in a society where it has become so standard, we normalise the abnormal
A society where we’re fobbed of with medication, taking them has become so normal
I refuse to go down that medicated road
I Lay here patiently, my humble abode
Eventually sleep comes, be it even for one hour
I still find the strength to rise. By any means possible, however.



There are so many people suffering from insomnia, it has become so normal that people just accept it. I’ve heard so many people say, why don’t you just close your eyes and sleep. If only it was that simple right. Why would someone choose not to sleep? Why would someone choose to put their body under such stress? That’s exactly what a lack of sleep is.. Stress and strain on every system in your body.
Insomnia can come and go, you can have good periods where your able to sleep, then patches where you’re getting five hours sleep over a period of a week.

Insomnia isn’t a joke it can be very frustrating and for some people quite depressing. We all need sleep to be able to function effectively and efficiently the following day.

Why don’t you just take medication? Sleeping tablets are only a temporary solution and can not be used long term. The more tablets you take the more you will eventually need, to have the same effect. Medication is not the answer, it’s about getting to the root of the issue, which may be different for each individual.

What is actually causing your insomnia?

How can we help ourselves? We have to find what works for us. I’m a person who’s mind is constantly racing, it’s constantly on the go it doesn’t stop. I’ve found things that help me such as hot baths, meditation and getting into set routines. I’ll be honest; sometimes it’s doesn’t work and I still struggle, but it’s a start. You have to try, I refuse to accept that I simply just struggle with sleep.

I’m now on a mission to beat insomnia once and for all. I feel if I can use all the helpful tips I have gained over the years to the best of my ability, eventually the good patches will outweigh the bad.

I look forward to all the sweet dreams I’m gong to have

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