Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

 Minds a blur eyes glazed over feeling numb to the world,
Atmospheric changes..I stay in a constant state of burning flesh.
This heat.. a volcano cooking awaiting the eruption.

I wait, I wonder..I wonder how long till freedom, trapped by that intoxicating nighttime potion.

The numbing remedy still in my system, still yearning for that release.
Still yearning I yearn, when will I yearn no more, when will this yearning cease?

Sleepless nights irritated mornings, my moods flutter.
Fluttering between hope and despair.
My mind is like a merry go round, thoughts spinning they do not stop.

I lay awake at night thinking when will this be over, when will I be free
There must be an end..I exhale, there must be..surely.

Breathe Think Write Release

3 thoughts on “Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

    1. I agree it is horrible. I myself now try to embrace it, for example if I’m having a bad night where my ‘process’ hasn’t worked I write to the point I forget the reason why I’m awake is because I couldn’t sleep..I feel we must try our best not to fear as to give the subject power but we must starve it of all energy. You should check out my insomnia post you might find it useful 😊 xx https://breathethinkwriterelease.com/2016/01/19/my-old-friend-insomnia/

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