Drug fuelled… blurred memories

Fussy thoughts blurred memories, thats a perfect vision of my yesterday I was drug fuelled, silently sitting in the space between reality and insanity My anxieties and insecurities masked so beautifully Some would even say perfectly I’d say I was walking a path with no destiny With every inhale came perceived new abilities But with … Continue reading Drug fuelled… blurred memories

One reason is all it takes

There will always be a reason to put something off. We have to stop looking at all the reasons why we shouldn’t start something and find the one reason why we should start. That’s all it takes, just one reason to override all the false cons, these are the things we tell ourselves, these are … Continue reading One reason is all it takes

Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Weird and wonderful colourful dreams I was riding a donkey down a gold molten stream Alice in wonderland falling through the rabbit hole Upside down thinking large goals I see purple rain and yellow wind Green sky, blue grass and dogs sing Birds barking swimming cats Children rule in top hats I like this world … Continue reading Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

 Minds a blur eyes glazed over feeling numb to the world, Atmospheric changes..I stay in a constant state of burning flesh. This heat.. a volcano cooking awaiting the eruption. I wait, I wonder..I wonder how long till freedom, trapped by that intoxicating nighttime potion. The numbing remedy still in my system, still yearning for that release. … Continue reading Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

Side Effects. 

Tablets, capsules, liquids and ointments We take for one thing, side effects leave us needing more treatment Take this for the pain Other systems feel the strain Take this for inflammation My wall lining needs protection This is the field I work in, so I understand so well But at times my compliance is questionable, … Continue reading Side Effects.