One reason is all it takes

There will always be a reason to put something off. We have to stop looking at all the reasons why we shouldn’t start something and find the one reason why we should start. That’s all it takes, just one reason to override all the false cons, these are the things we tell ourselves, these are all the reasons we use to convince ourselves we can’t do something.

When I was deciding to give up alcohol and become a healthier person I would always find a reason why I should start another day; I’ve got this persons birthday next week, people are coming over tomorrow, it’s Christmas, the suns shining, this events coming up, there would always be a reason why I shouldn’t start. I had to make a conscious decision and run with it regardless of what was happening next week or whatever perceived must drink event was upcoming. I found it even more rewarding when I quit knowing that it was will power that got me through and not the absence of temptation.

It’s much easier to avoid something when your not being exposed to it. It takes great strength to be surrounded by temptation and still say no.

We all have things we put off for some reason or another, ask yourself what’s important to you and find your one reason why.

One reason is all it takes. Find your reason why then run with it

-Dionne MT-

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