High horses

Sanctimonious folk, high horses and one liners

Riding high, skating on thin ice but they do not know

The know it alls of this world

The told you so’s, the finger wagging can’t wait to correct you folks

All knowledge but no life experiences

Preachers preaching what they do not know

Have you faced addiction and looked temptation right in the eye

Have you made so many bad decisions you’ve seen the inside of one too many police cells but prevailed to tell the tail

Have you had it all then lost it all with one action

Have you been so consumed by anger, overcome with so much darkness you see no way out

Have you experienced a loss or a heartbreak that shakes your mental state to the core

What have you done, what have you seen that you feel you can relate to me, him or her

So many different worlds with a thousand different stories

My worries are not your worries

Your worries are not mine

I can’t understand your problems and you can’t understand mine

We’re all living different lives

We’re all carrying different pains, navigating different strives

This isn’t a game, this isn’t about who’s right or wrong, rich or poor

This is real live and we’re all just trying to survive

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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