High horses

Sanctimonious folk, high horses and one liners Riding high, skating on thin ice but they do not know The know it alls of this world The told you so’s, the finger wagging can’t wait to correct you folks All knowledge but no life experiences Preachers preaching what they do not know Have you faced addiction … Continue reading High horses

What’s poetry?!

When some think of poetry they think of perfectly matched words rhyming together or beautiful metaphors describing ones love like a ocean, so deep When I think of poetry.. I think of pain I think of pleasure, I think of emotions and feelings stripped bare for all to see I think of vulnerability, I think … Continue reading What’s poetry?!

They say with time it gets better..

Every year transported back feeling today the pain I felt yesteryear You tell yourself this year I won't be affected this year I'll be stronger  But you can't help but wonder how life would be if they was still here  When you feel everything so deeply it's hard to shut out the deepest pain you've … Continue reading They say with time it gets better..

Body Art In Motion

I see colourful pictures body art In motion Flesh comes alive right before your eyes Inked skin revealing lies Body art revealing ties What lies beneath the skin bone deep There for all to see but only a few can truly see Numb to the screams for help pleas for mercy  Bended knee on all … Continue reading Body Art In Motion