Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Weird and wonderful colourful dreams
I was riding a donkey down a gold molten stream
Alice in wonderland falling through the rabbit hole
Upside down thinking large goals
I see purple rain and yellow wind
Green sky, blue grass and dogs sing
Birds barking swimming cats
Children rule in top hats
I like this world I’m going back to sleep…

From the weird and wonderful 
To the nightmare hellish dreadful 
These drug induced sleeps are something 
Trample my emotions they hold back on nothing 
Death knocking on my eyelids
Trying to escape paralysed screaming to be rid of this torment 
Eyes cemented shut stuck in a world plagued with pain and regret
One hour has passed since the weird and wonderful, now I lay awake dreading to close my eyes
Which world will I fall into, dark gloom or my green skies
Please don’t let me drift back off
Most nights I choose pain over taking these drugs

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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