Mixed Emotions and Memories

Last night I saw you in my sleep I don’t know if it was a nightmare, dream or sweet fantasy Mixed emotions, memories of complete ecstasy consume me Awake now I sit confused by your presence, the sudden appearance in my minds eye, the invasion of my peace No warning, no explanation at all A … Continue reading Mixed Emotions and Memories

Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Weird and wonderful colourful dreams I was riding a donkey down a gold molten stream Alice in wonderland falling through the rabbit hole Upside down thinking large goals I see purple rain and yellow wind Green sky, blue grass and dogs sing Birds barking swimming cats Children rule in top hats I like this world … Continue reading Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

..Ashamed I Am Not

The dreaded silence.. Night time has arrived How many pills did I just take? I'm just tryna survive Survive this bone wrenching pain Stuck in a game of cat and mouse The chase is on.. Chasing time, I try to keep up with these thoughts Always one step ahead of me, these thoughts just keep … Continue reading ..Ashamed I Am Not

Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams, awakening to a confused reality I lay awake sleeping, my mind drifting to a parallel universe It feels so real.. Dreaming adapted manipulated past events My eyes open, I sit and wonder.. Did that really happen or was that a dream My subconscious and conscious overlapping, mixed wiring I feel my brain plugs … Continue reading Vivid Dreams

Imagine The Possibilities 

I'll walk the plank, I'll call your bluff I'll take that leap, I'll never look back One way journey to success, side stepping no longer No longer treading the tight rope  No longer dreaming of hope  Dreaming big, visualising my parallel reality   Dreams to reality, confidence and humility  I see, I believe. I believe … Continue reading Imagine The Possibilities