Goodnight or Good Morning?!

Late nights early mornings confused with sleepless nights Trying to figure out if I’m awake or asleep nights Restless nights to crazy vivid dreams nights Jumping from sleep to one mantra after another nights No night is ever the same nights Imagine closing your eyes and just falling asleep nights.. one night, every night But … Continue reading Goodnight or Good Morning?!

Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

Weird and wonderful colourful dreams I was riding a donkey down a gold molten stream Alice in wonderland falling through the rabbit hole Upside down thinking large goals I see purple rain and yellow wind Green sky, blue grass and dogs sing Birds barking swimming cats Children rule in top hats I like this world … Continue reading Drug Induced Sleep.. Dreams & Nightmares

4.:48am.. I’ll Take A Dose Of Sleep Please

Tossing turning squirming in my sheets Or more like fighting with my sheets A power struggle A resistance  A resistance to sleep Eyes burning head pounding Blind writing vision blurred  Inhale deeply and slowly  Now exhale till there's nothing left I'm trying everything to get my mind to shut down Eyes closed pretend sleeping that's … Continue reading 4.:48am.. I’ll Take A Dose Of Sleep Please

Insomnia Cycles. Sleep today?

Insomnia is a real condition. It isn't simply a few bad nights sleep, or going to bed late. Insomnia for some people is a condition that has been affecting them for years. It can disturb every part of your life from your job, to your friendships and love life. My insomnia comes and goes in … Continue reading Insomnia Cycles. Sleep today?