Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

 Minds a blur eyes glazed over feeling numb to the world, Atmospheric changes..I stay in a constant state of burning flesh. This heat.. a volcano cooking awaiting the eruption. I wait, I wonder..I wonder how long till freedom, trapped by that intoxicating nighttime potion. The numbing remedy still in my system, still yearning for that release. … Continue reading Drugs, Pain & Sleepless Nights..

My Old Friend.. Insomnia

My old friend insomnia, you come in many forms Sometimes you deceive me till 2am comes, sometimes till dawn Then I'm laid out eyes peeled back, imagine I used to think this was the norm Living in a society where it has become so standard, we normalise the abnormal A society where we're fobbed of … Continue reading My Old Friend.. Insomnia

Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams, awakening to a confused reality I lay awake sleeping, my mind drifting to a parallel universe It feels so real.. Dreaming adapted manipulated past events My eyes open, I sit and wonder.. Did that really happen or was that a dream My subconscious and conscious overlapping, mixed wiring I feel my brain plugs … Continue reading Vivid Dreams