Die Ego Die

Starve your ego feed your soul

Death to our ego 
Or our egos will be the death of us
I see egos screaming shouting loud
Turned up noses oh so brazen oh so proud
Look at me look at my clothes ego
It’s not for self it’s all for show ego
Stubborn silence you’re always right never wrong ego
I don’t make mistakes never weak always strong ego
Ego. you can’t sit here, I’m sooo great
Egotistical pollution, what a stench what a state
Egoless raise your hands, all hands please remain by your side
Small or big we all have an ego to some extent, even if we try to hide
Locate, acknowledge, silence and annihilate our ego we can not trust 
Death to our ego or our egos will be the death of us

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release 

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