Figuring Life Out With Every Word I Write: An Open Invitation..

When I write I do not write from a place as to say I know everything or even to suggest I’m anywhere near perfect. Firstly perfection doesn’t exist and secondly if it did I be miles away from what I perceived perfection to be. 

As I write I too myself am figuring out this thing we call life. My words are the musings of my mind, the different thought patterns, suggestions and interpretations of all that I’ve seen, see and believe and in some cases no longer believe. It’s my mistakes, it’s my happiness. It’s the pain I’ve both felt and inflicted. Its my tears and fears. It’s my insecurities, It’s my journey.

In life our minds must be open to change, we can not be rigid in our thinking but be prepared to adapt. Sometimes all that we have thought during a certain period of our life no longer holds true at a different point. We shouldn’t be afraid to turn around and say I no longer think like this or I no longer believe this. 

As we grow up, life teaches us so many different things. Life has humbled me in ways I’d never imagine. We can’t be so proud and stubborn that we hold on to thoughts and beliefs that’s are having a negative impact on our life. To progress in life we have to be able to recognise when a change in our mindset is needed. We have to able to realise when it’s time to grow up and let go of certain notions and behaviours. At times we’re so afraid of change that our comfort zones suffocates everything good about us. 

Today I extend an invitation to all people, big small young old brown or blue all are welcome. Continue with me along this path I can’t promise I won’t have bad days, I can’t promise that I won’t be wrong at times. What I can promise is that I will always pick myself up turning my bad days around, I will always be willing to listen and I will always be open to change to better myself.

We have to remember that our way of doing things is not the only way. There are many routes to the same destination.

Peace, Love & Positivity to you all.

Dionne MT

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