London Inner City Living?!

London inner city living
2AM no silence helicopters circling
This is normal everyday life
Gone just like that, another life
We hardly bat an eyelid we’ve become so desensitised 
It’s not my strive not my life, I have my own worries
So many trapped in the system so many sad stories

London inner city living 
Stuck in jobs we despise just to make a living 
Penny pinching hard but still we’re hardly saving
We’re saving for that next getaway, reality escaping
Something to look forward to something to keep us going
Then we’re right back home to planning
We’re right back home to saving

London inner city living
Some not knowing if they’re coming or going
Trying to get on the property ladder for some is even sadder
Right to buy families being lured out, they don’t really want you on the ladder
Buy or face increased rent, move and we’ll give you some money
Who’s helping who? They sell it on for a profit It’s all about the money 

London inner city living or is this just how the whole world is living?! 

-Dionne MT-

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