Goodnight or Good Morning?!

Late nights early mornings confused with sleepless nights Trying to figure out if I’m awake or asleep nights Restless nights to crazy vivid dreams nights Jumping from sleep to one mantra after another nights No night is ever the same nights Imagine closing your eyes and just falling asleep nights.. one night, every night But … Continue reading Goodnight or Good Morning?!

Chronic pain & Insomnia.. tonight I had no fight 

3AM swigging morphine from the bottle, to numb the pain to quiet the voices Voices ringing out these voices are so loud, countless noises Chronic pain tension rising  Mind running wild thoughts going crazy Physical battle mental war raging One two ten exhale.. not this again  My worse enemy and my best friend  Insomnia nights … Continue reading Chronic pain & Insomnia.. tonight I had no fight