Conversations With Sleep

3 hours of laying in bed with my eyes closed Meditating repeating positive calming mantras And still no sleep, burning eyes but still you evade me  For 4 months I've abused you mistreated you taken you for granted Now I really need you I guess you're the one laughing I know my body clocks a … Continue reading Conversations With Sleep

Not another pain poem!

Running on an empty tank flat tyres no air Staring my pain in the eye in disbelief like how are you still here Days turn to months I've lost count of the years Reservoirs run dry I'm all out of tears Then I remember the power I hold, the strength I have within  Some days … Continue reading Not another pain poem!

To Self Medicate Or Not? Sleepless Nights..

Should I sip this morphine or just lay here in vain  Awake through the night sleeping 9am till midday Is it the pain or just my mind playing tricks playing games Games of cat and mouse chasing thoughts away Back fourth up down, round and round my mind keeps on spinning  Like a hamster on … Continue reading To Self Medicate Or Not? Sleepless Nights..

Just for the fun of it

I rhyme for fun when I'm on a run words just keep on coming  I'm barely trying nor bragging I'm just saying, that My mind speaks faster that my hands can type, fact  Speed of light firing off  Sometimes when I try like now I start to make no sense  Gets slightly awkward my writing … Continue reading Just for the fun of it

Angels & Demons.. We all have a story

My eyes tell a story but these bags of mine hang heavy, they tell a story of their own Late night awakenings, meditating asking for forgiveness trying to atone Morning comes and I piece together my night.. Haunted by my demons still having night frights Staring out into the darkness trying to find some clarity … Continue reading Angels & Demons.. We all have a story