To Self Medicate Or Not? Sleepless Nights..

Should I sip this morphine or just lay here in vain 
Awake through the night sleeping 9am till midday
Is it the pain or just my mind playing tricks playing games
Games of cat and mouse chasing thoughts away
Back fourth up down, round and round my mind keeps on spinning 
Like a hamster on a wheel my thoughts keep on running
No shut down no off switch, no good night I’ll see you in the morning 
The dark silent room awakes it, I’m saying good night she tells me good morning 
Throw the pain in on top, oh it’s one big lovely mess in a blender 
Blitzing the concoction, today to the morphine should I surrender
So much pain, silently rocking eyes closed I try to meditate 
Deep breaths in and out holding out before I self medicate
Maybe I’ll just lay here deep in thought and write
Till my bodys so spent till the birds are tweeting till I see daylight
Maybe.. Maybe not

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think write Release

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