Do we ever defeat our demons?

The beast within the beast within me
The beast no one wants to see
Hiding, lurking behind these closed tainted doors
Doors I’ve shut firmly, this beast I wish no one ever saw
Caged put on a leash but I can not deny your presence
I’m in control now but I still smell your essence 
The remnants of your damage still lurk in the air
Egg shell walking do they side step me in fear
I see it in their eyes 
I hear it in their why’s 
My heart bleeds at the pain I’ve cause, past present please not in the future
Etched in my memory, forever replaying like a bad dream who’s really the loser
Don’t put me on a pedal stall
I don’t want to fall
Treading a thin line between sanity and insanity 
Constant conscious reasoning is my reality
My truth I must live by, we are not all the same
I can not partake I can not play those games
Games I once lived by games I thought kept me sane 
Insane to think these same games will soil your name 
My strength was really my weakness 
Feeling invincible trying to be invisible
Pain numbing mind numbing toxic living 
Plug pulled let out the water I’m surviving not drowning 
Not today not tomorrow not ever
but I’ll be taming these demons forever

Do we ever defeat our demons or do we just learn to stay on top of them?

Our demons are a part of us, be it a part that me may not like but a part they still are. Denying them do not always do us any favours, we’re better of acknowledging them so we can find the best ways of dealing with them.

To be the best versions of ourselves we must first know ourselves and then accept ourselves. 

-Dionne MT-

Breathe Think Write Release

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