Not another pain poem!

Running on an empty tank flat tyres no air
Staring my pain in the eye in disbelief like how are you still here
Days turn to months I’ve lost count of the years
Reservoirs run dry I’m all out of tears

Then I remember the power I hold, the strength I have within 
Some days are harder than others but everyday I wake it’s a win

Everyday I keep on going, mentally fighting physically I keep on trying 
Pushing through the pain barrier if I said it was easy I’d be lying

At your weakest try and find the courage to smile through your troubles
You’ll develop an unwavering strength to face lifes hurdles

So keep on rising, you’ve come so far lets keep on fighting till the end
Smile, cry, scream, laugh, I know some days you’re okay other days you pretend
..but its okay, do whatever you need to do to get you through the day

-Dionne MT-

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Chronic pain quotes
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