Looking Glass.. Take a hard look

They don’t want you to speak your mind
Uninhibited. They don’t want to know the truth. 

They’re afraid they turn a blind eye
Fake happiness spreading lies.
Imitation, a show for the masses, a pointless point to whom are they trying to prove.

Me and you, we no longer believe their lies, we see through the filter
Our eyes are open, no frills no glitter

They don’t want to look in the mirror
They don’t want to see what will look back
Facts. More concerned with others
Others blissfully happy spread love to thy brother

It’s never too late look within, change for the better
We’ve been mental slaves for too long
We can all be winners.

They don’t want you to know the truth..

Breathe Think Write Release


5 thoughts on “Looking Glass.. Take a hard look

  1. So many emotions regarding this. I feel that I can strongly relate to it. People are afraid of the truth. They are afraid to look within. Fear surrounds us and so many give in to it. Thank you for writing this.

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