Passing Thoughts.. Positive thinking vs Negative thinking 

positive thinking vs negative thinking
Why do we choose to think so negatively at times? After all everything we do is a choice, so if we’re thinking negatively we’ve chosen to think this way right? Which ultimately means we could choose to think in a more constructive way, in a way which is more beneficial to us.

Seriously what did negative thinking ever do for anyone anyway?

So many people are afraid to try something different.
Afraid to look at life through a different lens… So afraid a different perspective on life might actually work.

So many want to change but are unwilling to try and unwilling to keep trying.

Is it fear?
Are we actually afraid of real change?
Are we afraid to admit we need to change in the first place?
So many are quick to judge another but are so far away from seeing their own faults.
They don’t want to know the truth

Positive thinking, what harm could it do?

The Positive Thinker vs The Negative Thinker

The negative thinker sees difficulties and obstacles in all they do. They always think the worse in a situation or people.

The negative thinker is governed by fear, anxiety seeps in. Misery is their default emotion.

The positive thinker in the words of Winston Churchill.. sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. The positive thinker looks for the good in every situation, they see opportunities in difficulties..every situation is a win.

The positive thinker is governed by love, ultimate joy seekers. Happiness is their default emotion.

To live life as a positive thinker to me is to live in freedom of fear. Fear of failure does not exist.

Positive thinking, what harm could it really do?

I won’t pretend it’s easy or say you’ll never think a negative thought again. It’s about becoming aware, consciously making the right decisions and learning how to reprogram your mind to work for you instead of against you. 

It’s a process.

Positive thinking has changed my life.

Why not try it, seriously why not try it today?

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